My Sweet Tweet-bot Friends

Here is a place where you can meet the sex-tweetbots that currently follow me @naateloucks.

How we all ended up here.

I’ll be honest. I have 172 twitter followers. I’m not proud of it. I’m not proud of it for a couple reasons.

1) A lot of my friends don’t like twitter. Frankly, they think it’s dumb. “Just Facebook statuses.” However, I like my friends. And I respect the opinion of some of them.

2) Speaking on the behalf of those who enjoy twitter, I ONLY have 172 followers. That’s a garbage number in the twitterverse.

So, when I log on to twitter and see that my followers number has fluctuated I only check to see who has clicked import facebook friends and therefore, landed in my social heard.

Sadly though, most often the new members of said list are twitter sexbots. Perfectly good names and profile pictures. Even some followers. But don’t let that fool you. Just take a look at their websites listed. Here is a favorite, “”

Just kidding, I made that one up. But they’re pretty much that. In conclusion, I’ve grown to enjoy seeing these sexbots appear and then learning as much as I can from their tweets.

It is fascinating twitter folly, folks. Stay tuned.